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While it may be true that the world is getting smaller, the fact of the matter is that your industry is not getting any bigger.
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Therefore, to really make an impact, you must learn to reach out to more and more customers and make an impact. Doing that is not always easy especially if the industry is young and deficient in resources.

Glad Stone Industry

So, when that happens, Glad Stone Industry is here to help you. We operate right here in the heart of Australia and stand to bring about a revolution in how industries grow and develop. Our supervision and guidance help economies stand and industries to breakeven and make profits.


Our services to the industries and to economic development can be segmented into the following categories:


In cases where a new industry is established, it is nearly impossible to find the right type of talent and the right type of skill.

This drastically hinders

This drastically hinders growth and has a long-term impact. Our services include providing training and guidance to the general population in the area so that they may take up jobs in the new industry. This skill creation often also requires importing skill but we take care of that too.

A similar scenario is when a new industry might need several auxiliary firms to operate and do their jobs.


Without these firms and services, it is impossible for any one firm in the industry to grow.

CEO, Extra

We often engage stakeholders

We often engage stakeholders to establish industry needs and establish these firms with low capital outlay for our client businesses.

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5 Things you should know about metal roofing

5 Things you should know about metal roofing

Roof is the ultimate shelter. While deciding about the type of roof, different options are available. These include metal also. Use of metal in roof construction of roof access systems has now become popular across the borders for a variety of reasons including durability, reliability, economical cost, ease of maintenance and more options for improvement in outlook. Metal roofs provide more security and capacity to sustain harshness of weather particularly in those parts which are exposed to such situations. Relatively un orthodox way of construction needs extra care before decision.

Select Appropriate Metal for the Roofs. 

Variety of metals are available as options including steel, aluminium, zinc and ferro alloys. Decision making for selection of appropriate metal is a crucial point. The metal to be selected should not only be weather friendly but should also meet the load bearing capacity of the structure. It is appropriate that calculations are done to workout the load of the metal to determine its compatibility with the structural design of the buildings. The metal selected should also have a favorable compatability with the weather conditions. It is appropriate to associate an expert for suitable selection in this regard.

Design of the Building

Design of the building has also an important role in the decision making regarding metal roofs. There are different styles of roof top. Every style of roof top cannot be undertaken with every metal. Design of roof top along with its technical details be considered at length before concluding the metal top.

Identification of Risks Metal is exposed

There are a variety of weather conditions. Every metal has different levels of sustainability for different weather conditions. Before deciding metal roofing the weather conditions are to be examined in detail. Steel is exposed to the threat of rains. In areas where there are huge rainfalls other options can be considered.Similarly it may not be an appropriate choice in coastal areas. Prior oxidation of metal can reinforce the strength. Metals can be painted to give an elegant look to the structures besides reducing the risk factor. This has longer life as compared to material in other types of construction.


Recycled materials are available in the market. Although it may have an impact upon durability it can offer compatibility to different budgetary allocations. A resident is therefore in a position to make selection in light of resources available. The strength of the roof is not to be compromised on account of budgetary constraints. Little effort by a professional can implement the project in limited resources with compromising security.

Professional Manpower

Metal roofs need professional services right from selection of appropriate metal down to purchase as mentioned that markets are flooded with recycled material. An ordinary resident of a house may not be able to judge the mix of material in a finished product. Further the sustainability of the building and roof designs are to be continuously reviewed during the process. It is therefore in the fitness of the matter that professional services from metal roofing contractors melbourne are acquired to facilitate in all levels of decision making. 

Home, Italians re-evaluate the purchase (also to invest)

Home, Italians re-evaluate the purchase (also to invest)

The disappointment for the ten years of real estate crisis that has eroded the values ​​of the residential brick today leaves room for a return of interest, for the first home and for the investment. The first house today changes with a more contained expense given the drop in prices in the area, a drop that has created buying opportunities. On the investment front, after decades of disaffection, we return to evaluating the purchase to make the property income.

Trends stimulated by low interest rates that make mortgages increasingly attractive. “Once the purchase of the first house was the first investment choice of young people, today instead even parents no longer buy the house for their children – who want to travel, study and work abroad – and therefore have liquidity to invest – says Mario Breglia, president of Real Estate Scenarios -. Demand is penalized by the old stock of residential properties on the market. For the new, little more, the problem does not arise: the demands are high ».

The investment, selected and aimed at specific locations and quality properties, is made interesting by the returns and the possibility of a minimal revaluation. Looking at the table drawn up by Real Estate Scenarios for Il Sole 24 Ore, we can see that prices in the center of Milan will rise by 2.8% in 2020 and by 3.8% in 2021. Prices that today are around a minimum of 5,200 euros per square meter and 11,450 euros. The values ​​drop in the semi-center (3,200-6,150 euros per square meter) and will revalue here by 2% and 2.9% this year and in 2021. Interesting revaluations (above 2.5%) also in the center of Florence and in the the center of Bologna.

Breglia stresses that the phenomenon of income investment is new for Italy, which has been abandoned for a few decades and today represents 10% of the market. “You buy it to put the leased ‘ to partment to students or tourists, the latter clearly increasing,” says Breglia. The data are even higher in the Tecnocasa surveys: even if the purchase of the main house prevails (74.6%), the investment sales reach 18.8% of the total, while the purchase of the holiday home stops at 6.6% per cent.

Francesco Totti Spa: the secrets of the captain who does not score in business as on the pitch
A phenomenon that has transformed the face of our cities, such as Venice and Florence, but lately also Milan, where the search for a two-room apartment has become a hunt without neighborhood. So much so that some Municipalities are thinking of introducing restrictive rules on short rents, as happened in Barcelona and in other cities of the world stormed by buyers and tourists.

In this panorama even neighborhoods that were once considered peripheral find an appeal, because for some tourists there is no difference between sleeping in Rome, Trastevere or Tiburtina, if the price to pay in the latter area is much cheaper . “And those who buy manage to have a pension supplement, given that generally the yield is around 4-5% per year” concludes Breglia.



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